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  • Accent – Swedese Design by Front

    It’s hard to tell whether the Accent family was designed in the 50s or last year. Its beautiful solid-oak frame and the sofas characteristic, jutting armrests make Accent a modern classic, designed by Yngve Ekström back in 1959.


    • W 85
    • H 76
    • SH 42
    • D 72
    Category: Chairs Easy chairs
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  • Agent – Designed By Lyndon
    • Collection includes dining chair, lounge chair, bar stool and bench.
    • Fixed CMHR foam seat and back
    • Top stitch detail
    • Available in American Black Walnut or European Oak
    • Option of a painted frame, in any RAL colour.
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  • Button – Swedese Design by Front


    • W 68
    • D 80
    • H 78
    • SH 42
    Category: Chairs Easy chairs
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  • Casala | Axa Folding chair

    Axa combines advanced functionality with excellent sitting comfort. The preformed seat and backrest ensure that you’re always comfortable. This makes Axa the ideal chair for extended events. Axa chairs are positioned simply and quickly into the desired configuration. The seat and backrest are made of dyed-through coloured plastic. In this way, visible scratches are minimised, and the chairs retain their original appearance. Axa is available in six contemporary colours.


    Category: Folding chairs
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  • Curvy chair by Casala | High Density Stacking Chair

    High density stacking chair

    A proper chair keeps up with the times – and now more than ever it is a time that calls for a dynamic chair, a chair that lends itself perfectly to every space and occasion. Curvy can be that chair. Boasting its slender steel wire frame, it exudes an elegant and transparent character in every room. And that’s not all, Curvy is also a very practical chair. Stackable, easy to link and, as it comes in a number of varieties, widely applicable too. Whatever purpose it must serve, Curvy makes perfect sense… anywhere.


    The complete product family makes Curvy suitable for many different applications

    Curvy has a good stackability up to 45 pieces in a plastic and wooden version without armrests and in all other versions up to 32 on a transport dolly / Curvy can be completely recycled (100%) after its life cycle / The integrated stacking protection prevents damage on the seat / The felt glides are fitted with ultrasonically welded felt for optimal durability / The dimensions of the Curvy chair correspond with today’s anatomic body measurements / The visible welds on the frame are smooth and clean / The seat and backrest are easily exchanged to extend the chair’s product life cycle / The frame is environmentally friendly chromed according to the Chrome 3 procedure / High backrest guarantees great sitting comfort and support / A long guarantee period of 5 years and a continuity of supply of 10 years / Curvy has been tested and is approved according to European Norm EN15373 and passes the high standards that are set for contract furniture /

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  • Eva task chair by Orangebox

    Responsible, innovative and beautiful, eva represents the most efficient and effective combination of materials and design thinking we’ve ever put into a task chair.

    Workplace design can play a significant role in improving employee health, happiness and productivity, and can hold the key to attracting and retaining a talented workforce. The workplace is constantly changing, and with fewer dedicated workstations and more shared collaborative workspaces the way we work is evolving from sitting in one chair at a desk all day every day to working across multiple locations in shorter bursts. At the same time, the demographics of the office environment are broader than ever before.

    Our latest task chair, eva, upholds our commitment to lead by example in environmentally responsible product design and manufacture, while placing a greater emphasis on user experience and comfort.

    In fact, we let the chair make many of the adjustments itself: a self-weighing mechanism intelligently responds to the user’s weight, automatically providing the right amount of resistance as they recline in the chair. No adjustment necessary.

    The optional travel limiter means the chair can be locked in the upright position, or, for a more personalised set up, be set at three different angles of recline. Refining the chair to just a few controls has allowed us to focus on maximising the range of adjustment it offers, and as a result, eva caters for a larger percentage of user demographic, reducing the need for specialist occupational health chairs.

    Category: Task chairs
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  • Lamino – Swedese Design by Yngve Ekström

    Lamino is a prime example of timeless design. Nature’s own materials and masterful craftsmanship have resulted in a piece of furniture as attractive today as it’ll be for future generations. When Yngve Ekström designed the chair in 1956, he did it with the human being in focus, which makes it as pleasant to sit in as it is to look at.

    Dimensions: Easy chair

    • W 70
    • H 101
    • SH 41
    • D 78

    Foot stool

    • W 60
    • H 48
    • D 46
    Category: Chairs Lounge chairs
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  • Lounge chair DS-277 | DeSede

    A self-assured air and a powerful presence. High back on a slender star-shaped base provides an uplifting seating experience and meets the highest aesthetic standards. Formal, exciting transition between the seat and back shell as a distinguishing feature. Various leather qualities and colours available for the outer and inner shell. Infinitely adjustable headrest. Can be tilted back to reveal a previously unseen footrest to offer maximum relaxing comfort.

    Category: Chairs Lounge chairs
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  • Lounge chair DS-344 | DeSede

    DS-344 flirts with the legendary era of de Sede. Extraordinarily loosely covered, the armchair embodies a lively leather experience.

    With its emotional design, DS-344 gives the room a prestigious character. Whether in an elegant library, an executive office or in a living room, DS-344 makes clear style statements.

    Technically speaking, DS-344 is based on the already successfully established DS-343 armchair. Like its big brother, DS-344 is truly balm for the spine. With the seating surface extended up to the height of the pelvis, one moves backwards only from pelvic height when leaning back. This ensures an improved posture and prevents the shearing forces that normally occur.

    Category: Chairs Lounge chairs
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  • Lounge chair DS-51 | DeSede

    Timeless classic from the 1970s and basis of de Sede’s global reputation for Swiss manufacturing of the highest quality. The seat and back cushions are all sewn by hand using a needle and thread. Low seat height and generous dimensions for a cutting-edge lounge look. High level of comfort despite the fragile appearance. Available with or without armrests.

    Category: Chairs Lounge chairs
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  • Lounge chair DS-57 | DeSede

    A single piece in a completely streamlined shape: The design and sitting comfort are reminiscent of a 1930s racing car. The steep rake of the seat is achieved by using a wedge-shaped base – in impact-resistant high gloss lacquer, varnished solid oak or aluminium. This model is also available with an integrated, adjustable headrest.

    Category: Chairs Lounge chairs
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  • Orangebox | Ara office chair


    Europe’s first Cradle-to-Cradle task chair

    The award-winning Ara is the first task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve Cradle-to-Cradle accreditation. Cradle-to-Cradle sets new standards of environmental accountability, offering an optimistic agenda on how we can manufacture products in a world where resources are increasingly scarce.

    Ara offers mesh, polymer and upholstered back options:

    1. Mesh delivers a soft touch and uses materials and assembly techniques that deliver a long and useful life, while facilitating effective recycling. The ergonomic refinement of the mesh comes from its ability to locally deform to the shape of your back, providing superb support over a large contact area.

    2. Polymer comes in a wide range of colours and has a contrasting upholstered seat.

    3. The fully upholstered option helps give this task chair family universal appeal, while retaining the Ara’s clarity of design and refined performance.

    And, as we are all different shapes and sizes, Ara also offers an enhanced height and depth-adjustable lumbar pad option, which can be fine-tuned to provide individualised lower back support.

    Ara`s Cradle-to-Cradle accreditation sets new standards of environmental accountability, offering an optimistic agenda for remanufacturing.

    Product specifications

    Standard Product Description
    Castors:65mm Hard Black Castors as standard.
    Base: Black Nylon Base as standard.
    Frame:Aluminium Yoke in Black, Stone or RAL 9006.
    Arms:Standard Arms. (EBA, MBA)
    Height adjustable arm is fitted in Black as standard, with a soft TPU arm pad.
    Back Plastic:Available in Black, Stone, Sky, Leaf and Slate as standard. (EB, EBA)
    Back Mesh: Black available as standard. (MB, MBA)

    Optional Upcharges

    Castor:65mm Soft Castors (RAL 9006 or Stone).
    Glides: Standard Glides available as an upcharge.
    Base: Painted Aluminium or Polished Aluminium Base.
    Frame:Polished Yoke available as an upcharge.
    Upholstery: Comfort Seat Quilt.
    If vinyl upholstery is required the luxury upholstery upcharge will be incurred.
    Arms: Multi adjustable arms available in Painted or Polished finish, width adjustable arms (available on standard or multi-adjustable arms).
    Lumbar: Attachable Lumbar support (black only).
    Lumbar Sleeve:Single Part or 3 Part Lumbar Sleeve.
    Coat Hanger: Available in Black.
    Seat: Coccyx Cutout.

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