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Container POD

Container Pod is a unique, enclosed space in an open office environment. The glass walls offer high soundproofing, increased acoustic comfort and a sense of transparency. Container Pod is available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Container Pod can be adjusted to your specific wishes. As a result, Container Pod can be used for various activities such as meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, Skyping and confidential discussions.


Container Pod is made up of upholstered and glass panels, which are placed on a 38 mm high black wooden plinth. The long sides consist of glass panels with a glass door on one side, equipped with a stainless steel handle and hinges. The short sides are constructed from upholstered, hollow panels, made from FSC-certified wood and fitted with acoustic foam. Due to their sound-absorbing and insulating action, they contribute to a positive effect on the acoustics inside and outside of the Container Pod.

Container Pod is placed loosely on the existing floor, making it easy to dismantle and move.

The standard Container Pod is equipped with recessed LED lights and ventilation in the ceiling. Ventilation is possible through a stand-alone system or by a connection to a central ventilation system.

Standard upholstery in one colour per element, multiple colours on request. Aside from the Casala upholstery, there is a wide fabric collection available from renowned manufacturers. Alternative upholstery on request.

Several electrification options such as power supply, network connections and USB connections.

See infosheet.



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