OE Electrics | PIXEL desk mounted power unit

PIXEL desk mounted power unit

The PixelTUF from OE Electrics’ combines an AC power socket and
fully integrated TUF USB charger with both USB type-A and Type-C, in
a compact 80mm grommet unit.
PixelTUF enables the time-short mobile worker to charge a laptop at
the same time as charging their mobile phone and tablet! Perfect for
hot desks, drop in areas, airports & hotels.
PixelTUF fi ts almost fl ush at any angle into a standard 80mm grommet
cut out without the need for tools. You may even forget it’s there until
you need it.

Single AC power socket from our 42mm range

USB Charging:
TUF A+C with a maximum combined output of 5A

(UK socket option only to enable compliance
to BS6396)
5 x 20mm anti-surge ceramic fuses, with colour-coded
fuseclips to denote the rating (3.15A/5A), with spare
fuse in base.

Power input:
3 core 1.5mm² power cord to GST 18/3 Wieland or
appropriate power cord to national mains plug.

Cable management:
attachment point for pathfinder

100% testing – continuity, polarity, insulation & earth,
plus TUF charger output.

Standard colours: black with silver grommet ring or
white with silver grommet ring.


If your desk already has an industry standard
80mm hole* simply take the fixing nut off your newly
purchased PixelTUF, feed the cables through the hole
and gently slide your PixelTUF into place. Make sure
your PixelTUF is facing the desired orientation and
screw the fixing nut back on until it is firmly in place.
PixelTUF will fit any surface from 1mm to 40mm.



For more information and pricing on this item, please call; +44 (0)1962 832 556 or email sales@iziticons.co.uk


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